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Jeremy and Nicole DeLaCruz
 Jeremy and Nicole DeLaCruz

About Us

People with a passion for service


Jeremy DeLaCruz the owner and founder of Miracle Clean Detailing has a unique expertise in Detailing of all sorts with a meticulous eye for the little things that make your experience special. Jeremy is also a family man and full-time missionary, so he takes pride in providing the best care for each person who trust us with their project or detailing needs.  We would be blessed to share with you ways you could maintain a great look and even place your projects above what we do for our own. We take our service and care very serious and would love to show you just how much we enjoy being a part of what’s important to you. Jeremy started this business on the foundation of taking what’s old, used or abused and bringing back the feeling you had when you first bought your home, drove your car off the lot or took the keys to your first boat. Over the years time can get away from us and that’s why with our fully mobile business we can help you get your important things looking amazing once again. Our added bonus to you is for you to be capable to take care of your own business. We come to you at your home, work, or even while you are on the go. 

As a missionary Jeremy is a giver, giver of his time, love, joy and finances to help as best as possible. This business was built to create opportunity to fund and give back to the communities across the world. 

We Understand Cars


We take the time to hear your needs and show up when you need us most. We take our time with your service so you can be sure our delivery is worth the price, and you depend on our quality to last for years to come. In the event of a delay, appointment reschedule or untimely conflicting occasion you can count on a call or text from our professionals to maintain full communication to insure a smooth and easy transition to your new appointment time. 


We know we aren’t the cheapest, but we strive to sit in the affordability of our customers. We take the time to listen to our customers to know why they are in need of our services and how we can best assist and fit all their needs including their budget. We don’t compromise our worth, but we are conscious of your financial budgets and know when to assist in a better price for your families’ needs. We know that fitting your budget is as important as giving you the quality you deserve, and it isn’t always about the dollar that’s in front of you but rather the person and how we can best serve you. 


We set our schedule to fit your schedule as soon as we possibly can.  We built our business to be the most customer friendly business there is out there. So we come to your work, home or even while you run errands at the store or visit friends or family. We don’t need anything from you except your car a quick walk through and then final payment upon completion. Quick easy and most importantly thorough. Miracle clean stand for marvelously meticulous, miraculously managed, and motivated for a marvelous result. 

An all-inclusive service
for all your detailing needs

Complete mobile vehicle

Ceramic coating services

Boat & airplane detailing services

Decks stain and seal

Pressure washing

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